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Detrimental Effects of Abortion

The Essential Reference Guide to Abortion Research



Detrimental Effects of Abortion (Third Edition) is an indispensable reference guide to published studies on the impact of abortion on women, men, families and society.


This is the only publication to list, all in one place, all the major statistically significant studies on abortion.

This book contains more than 1200 listings for published studies, along with summaries of the study's findings. It also includes additional commentary by the editor, a glossary of medical terms and a reorganized table of contents. Major topic categories include:

  • Abortion Decision Making

  • Standard of Care for Abortion

  • Psychological Effects of Abortion

  • Physical Effects of Abortion

  • Abortion's Impact on Men

  • Abortion's Impact on Families

  • Social Effects and Implications of Abortion

  • Abortion and Maternal Mortality

  • Adolescents of Abortion


This book is an invaluable reference for researchers, therapists, counselors, medical professionals students, political activists and others interested in abortion as a social issue. This is a reference guide you will want to have on your bookshelf.


Free Supplements


We have also published two free, downloadable supplements to Detrimental Effects of Abortion with additional references.


Supplement # 1

Supplement # 2

Recent Research Fact Sheet


For updates and additional information on post-abortion research, visit the Thomas W. Strahan Memorial Library at www.abortionrisks.org.


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This book is also available as an electronic file (pdf) for $34.95. To order, contact us elliotinstitute@gmail.com.



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