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How to Use GoodSearch.com 

Support the Elliot Institute's work every time you go online!


Every time you Search, Shop or Dine and SAVE,
They'll donate to the Elliot Institute!


Go to GoodSearch.com to surf the internet, and shop online or dine at a discount. Save with exclusive coupons and deals. It's a free way to save money while helping this cause every time you go online!


GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo! Simply go to GoodSearch.com and type "Elliot Institute" when asked for your charity. Then Search, Shop or Dine, and they'll donate a percentage of their proceeds to the Elliot Institute.


Make it even easier by downloading their toolbar.

This automates the process so that every time you search or shop online a percentage goes back to the Elliot Institute, without going through the GoodSearch site every time. Once you download the toolbar, you'll see the amount to be donated flash in the corner of the toolbar.


Just go here to download the GoodSearch toolbar for the Elliot Institute. (See the sample toolbar below.)

3 Ways to Save Money and Lives:

  1. GoodSearch.com -- Home page with instructions and links to search, shop or dine.

  2. GoodShop.com -- Special deals and discounts from over 2,000 stores!

  3. GoodDining.com -- Register a credit card to use at participating restaurants. They'll donate up to 6% of the proceeds to the Elliot Institute.

GoodSearch.com is a Yahoo-powered search engine that will donate to your designated charity each time you use it for an online search or purchase. You can also register a credit card to use at participating restaurants. (Percentages donated vary by merchant.)


Over 2,000 Participating Retailers and Current Coupons and Deals!


Save on everything from groceries and apparel to pet care, Office Supplies, Electronics, Banking, Insurance and Travel!


  • Airlines and rental cars

  • Travel services

  • Sears

  • Crate and Barrel

  • FTD Flowers

  • Wal-Mart

  • Toys-R-Us

  • Walgreens

  • Drugstore.com

  • iTunes

  • Jewelry stores

  • Cooking.com

  • Lillian Vernon

  • Sierra Trading Post

  • Lands' End

  • Overstock.com

  • Magazines.com

  • Dell Computer

  • Nike

  • HSN

  • QVS

  • Ebay

  • Office supply stores

  • Home improvement stores

  • Pet stores

  • Holiday Inn and other hotels

  • Nascar, MLB, NHL and other sports outlets

  • Barnes & Noble

  • Amazon.com

  • Overstock.com

  • AllState

  • Geico

  • Hundreds more! See the complete list!



Downloading the Toolbar Makes it Even Easier


For shopping, we suggest downloading the GoodSearch toolbar. This means you don't have to visit GoodShop before going to the online store,* and the toolbar will also highlight what percentage of your purchase will go to the Elliot Institute and if any coupons are available.

For example:




* Note: A few merchants still require that you visit GoodShop first and click through to the store. This will be apparent because the donation button will not light up. 




It may take several weeks for money earned through online shopping to show up in the tally. We're just getting started, so tell a friend and help us move the numbers in a Pro-Woman/Pro-Life direction! Remember, the smallest contributions really do help. Of course, you can always make a direct contribution by calling or clicking our "Donate" page!


For more information and help, go to GoodSearch.com.


Thank you for your partnership in this work!

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