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How to help
Light one candle ... or several!



On this page ... This section includes ways to help reach out to those still at risk -- before or after abortion -- while also educating and challenging the general public. The information and materials are grounded in and guided by the Elliot Institute -- America's leading provider of academic research, education and outreach regarding abortion's impact on women, men, families and society.

Options range from "quick and easy" action steps to resources to share or have on hand if you need them to things requiring more long-term planning to things to incorporate into your existing education and outreach.


Helping the Helpers:  At-a-Glance Ideas and Resources



Help & Healing Booklet (pdf)
This booklet includes help for those being coerced, which is illegal,
pregnancy resource help and information, and various types of post-abortion tips and help.

How to Help Others Booklet (pdf)

How to help others, before or after abortion. Includes tips for how to help someone facing pregnancy-related challenges or grieving the abortion experience and loss. Includes a list of "do's and don'ts" plus information about available resources.


Church Awareness Project
This blog has resources to encourage and help your pastor and other church leaders to preach from a pro-woman/pro-life perspective, including evidence that most abortions are unwanted or coerced, plus heartbreaking -- sometimes deadly -- aftereffects still being suffered by individuals and families in our midst. Reach out to those still at risk or already hurt.

Plan Ahead or Join the Church Awareness Project
and use the resources now or anytime.

Easy things you can do right now:


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Tools to plan & educate others:


Sample letter to pastors

Sample letters to the editor

Sample letter to politicians

Small ads, bulletin/news inserts, postcards & flyers

Share Portraits of Coercion flyer
Share Top 10 Reasons it's The UnChoice
Share "What Every American" flyer or postcard
Forced Abortion in America Report, Flyer or Fact Sheet

Events/Planning Calendar

Free Resources Page 


8 Ways to Help

1. Share these materials

2. Choose words with care
3. Pray (see list below)

4. Free or low-cost options 

5. Educate leaders, etc.
6. Learn & stay informed
7. Outreach projects

8. Easy things to do now



1. Share these materials


You'll find evidence-based resources on this site, ranging from handy summaries of academic research to ads, campaigns and educational materials. Share this link, encourage others to join the cause. Help educate others about new evidence that abortion endangers the rights and lives of both the unborn and women. You'll also find resources for help and healing.


2. Choose words with care.


"You mean you didn't want to have an abortion?"
Her question pierced my heart.  WOW, I thought, she doesn't know ..."


Coercion takes many direct and indirect forms and can escalate to violence or even homicide the leading killer of pregnant women.


In this context, rhetoric about "choice" can take on a new and often unintended meaning. Unwanted, coerced or forced abortion is doubly wrong, yet common. (Learn more.) Aftereffects – including heartbreak, injury and higher maternal death rates – are widely dismissed by experts, or even condemned by those who don't know.


Until more Americans are aware of widespread unwanted abortions, pregnancy-related abuse, blackmail or force, etc., it's wise to put abortion rhetoric into the pretext of unwanted or coerced abortions (including those deceptively informed or sold by agenda- or profit-driven abortion providers). 

3. Pray 


Use these holistic prayer intentions, also available as a downloadable pdf document, to email or print and share with prayer groups, prayer chains, as church prayer intentions, etc. This holistic list is pro-woman/pro-life/pro-family, integrating pre-abortion injustices with post-abortion issues.


4. Run free or low-cost print, internet or radio ads or use them online and elsewhere.


There are many options, from simple, text-only messages to full-page flyers that also serve as bulletin and newsletter inserts, ads, etc. There are radio ads that may even be free, plus affordable small ads, billboards or full-scale campaigns.

* Run text-only or small ads in bulletins, newsletters, etc.

* Run educational ads that may also be used as flyers or bulletin/newsletter ads or inserts.

* Run The UnChoice radio ads as free Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Your local family-friendly radio stations may run PSAs at no charge during less popular time slots. Or, run them as paid ads during morning or evening "drive time," news/talk shows or other more popular time slots.

* The UnChoice billboards. You'll find various formats plus a link for help with the logistics of planning and running a billboard in your community. Learn more on our billboard page.

* Plan ahead. There are other things you can do that require a bit more planning. Learn more in our "Ads & Awareness," and "Advocacy & Outreach" sections. 

5. Educate leaders and the public 


Leaders in all sectors of society need to know that the rights and lives of both babies and mothers are at risk. From pregnancy-related homicide to clinic abuses and post-abortion maternal deaths, women are dying, too. Many of all ages and from all walks of life are at risk of unwanted abortions and the unthinkable heartbreaking or even deadly for mothers, too, aftershock.


The story of unwanted, coerced and forced abortions followed by unreported healthcare negligence and maternal deaths is an untold story. Share the evidence-based "rest of the story," to warn parents, advocates and leaders:


Tell clergy and religious leaders politicians 
Tell political leaders, including candidates, legislators, activists and advocates
. There is a sample letter on this page you can use as a guideline, and then write in your own words. There are postcards and flyers plus other materials to share from our political kit.

Write a letter to the editor. Use our templates as a starting point and write in your own words. Conduct a letter-writing campaign with a group of like-minded advocates. (Watch the news and calendar for timely events and respond with a letter.) Write to print or on-line media.

6. Learn more. Stay informed. 

Get the latest evidence, including new resources and the latest published academic research, from the Elliot Institute. Learn more about this issue on this site and others. Here are a few helpful links:

Books about this issue

Join our e-mail list



7. Outreach projects


There are many things you can do as an individual or group. Join with others in your school, church, civic group or join forces with family-friendly organizations or companies who may want to sponsor a co-op ad or raise funds for bigger projects.

Hope & healing newspaper insert

Donate books to libraries - especially Detrimental Effects of Abortion reference book
Help the helpers - donate to groups trying to raise awareness and reach out to those at risk or already hurt.

8. Wear and Share the Message. Visit Our Message Shop.


Wear and share the message at rallies and every day. From bumper stickers for your car to signs for rallies to hats, mugs, totes and T-shirts or other pro-woman/pro-life apparel ... the Message Shop features many great conversation-starters, witnesses -- including for individuals and families who may be at risk of or already hurt by abortion -- or ways to challenge people to rethink their views about abortion.


Gifts to Encourage those who Grieve.

The shop includes encouraging gift ideas, too, such as a keepsake box or a healing-hearts journal -- ideal for someone who is grieving a past abortion. You can add encouraging verses, memorials, quotes, trinkets or a personal letter to personalize your gift.


Become a Sustaining Partner

Donate books to libraries

Wear & share the message (shop)




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