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The UnChoice: (thē un´-chois) noun.

  1. A coerced, deceptively or insufficiently informed, unwanted or even forced non-choice that endangers both the unborn and women. 

  2. A legacy and an epidemic of widespread disinformation, professional negligence or malpractice, and unwanted, coerced or even forced abortion in America and elsewhere. 

  3. An injustice, often presented as a right, privilege or mandate, and imposed on many teens, women and families at a time when they most need and have a right to full disclosure, meaningful and safe alternatives, honest answers and real help.

  4. A phenomenon that increases the risk of personal and/or expert coercion of teens and pregnant women, including violence that can escalate to homicide–the leading killer of pregnant women. 

  5. A painful, high-risk, often-traumatizing and abusive experience that can lead to serious physical and psychological complications for teens and women, including a higher risk of death.

  6. An injustice that often involves professional negligence or malpractice by healthcare, education, social services, counseling, and other professions; and workplace, housing and other discrimination. This is often further aggravated by those who dismiss, minimize or deny post-abortion grief over countless injustices, including the loss of authentic choice and above all, the death of a child.

  7. A journey beyond which there can be hope and healing with the compassion of people who care, the guidance of women and men who've been there, and experts who understand.

  8. Unwanted. Unsafe. Unfair.

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